30 Word Book Review

Have you read Freakonomics?

Does anyone else think it’s one of the most self indulgent pieces of bollocks (with unsound arguments and dodgy leaps of logic) ever committed to paper?


4 Responses to “30 Word Book Review”

  1. Picked it up off a shelf in a bookshop, read the back cover, vomitted a little in my mouth, put it back on the shelf.

  2. Ha ha! Never read it for the same reason as Lou. Thought I was the only one and meant to give it another go. Now I won’t.

    Next book review should be in haiku.

  3. You could progress to a book version of this and do a FOUR WORD book review: http://fourwordfilmreview.com/tops.asp?mode=att

  4. Um, whoa… I just went into Amazon and the homepage featured Feakanomics as part of their customised suggestion thing… weeeeiird… I know they’re good at text-scanning for their ads these days but that’s still weeeeiird…

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