Slightly Dull Saturday on Sunny Dry Sunday

Ah it’s the day without the snappy name, without Reuter’s rolling screen of results, without much of the live coverage that we had on Tuesday which also means a day without hypothermia watch on the Al Jazeera anchor dude perched on some ledge in Washington and yet the race is still compelling …

In the blue corner is, of course, Obama and Clinton, neck and neck, and with Obama winning all of today’s races (Washington, Nebraska, Louisiana, Virgin Islands) the overall race is looking like it will go all the way down to the dodgy dealings of a ‘brokered convention’ (that’s where the superdelegates get to reveal their secret identities to each other).

The plots become curious when you read this story in the Telegraph claiming (among other things):

The Clinton camp hopes to stop the Obama bandwagon by winning Texas and Ohio primaries on March 4, after which Mrs Clinton is planning to call on party grandees including Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Harry Reid, the party’s leader in the Senate, to persuade Mr Obama to stand down.

Clinton aides have privately admitted that Mr Obama would only consider such a move if offered the position of vice presidential running mate, something Mrs Clinton has always been reluctant to consider.

Interesting …

And over in the red corner we are down to three (well two, but Ron Paul gets points for lurking about. He’s a sweet little Libertarian isn’t he?). As you all know, Romney is out, having given a speech which should probably win the annual special WTF award for being able to, in 50 words or less, associate any topic, no matter how obscure, as being a win for the terrorists … I could not make this shit up … I wish I could … but I can’t.

Anyway, even with McCain now almost guaranteed the nomination for the Republicans (and speculation galore on who his running mate would be … the same article above whispers Colin Powell which sounds more like wishful thinking than anything solid… but if it did turn out true then the Democrats really are in trouble), Huckabee is certainly doing his best to spoil the party with wins in both Kansas and Louisiana … the Conservatives are fuming the McCain could take this thing, which is an amusing sport in itself, quite what they’re going to do if he is confirmed as their candidate is so uncertain, that I am enjoying watching them spin out.

And if you’re still wondering why I’m watching (and enjoying in a geeky way) the US process, well, here’s another reason:

It’s election year in New Zealand and quite frankly, I can’t even think who on earth I want to vote for, and not in a good way. My options come down to who is going to fuck it up the least, again.

I’m living vicariously … y’all just going to have to suffer.

Or you can tell me why I should get excited about the NZ elections, other than giving me the opportunity to use my worst jokes, obviously …


7 Responses to “Slightly Dull Saturday on Sunny Dry Sunday”

  1. OMG, Romney’s speech was RIDICULOUS.

  2. You should get excited about the NZ elections because it is your civic duty. That’s all I got.

    We had a committee meeting today that made me feel guilty about my lack of commitment to democracy – I didn’t like it when the elected representatives disagreed with me! What right do they have?! Free lunch was good though.

  3. Well, I’m somewhat excited about the NZ elections because I think I might do what I always want to do but don’t, which is vote for a minor left-wing party (the Greens) and try and force Labour to team up with them. But on the day I always end up ticking two for Labour (assumedly being not-in-New Zealand I can only do a party vote, right? Wait, do I need to register somewhere???), so maybe I’ll end up not doing it again and just follow my good old ‘keep National out’ principle of voting for the opposite.

    In other news, I’m starting to favour Obama. Something an author said in an interview the other day clicked with me and I thought ‘yeah!’ but now I can’t remember what it was. I can’t imagine him being Vice- to Clinton – as far as I’m concerned he’s way too charismatic and leaderly to be a Vice-. Do we think she would Vice- to him if he ends up winning?

  4. PS I just realised I have displayed an appalling lack of knowledge about what is going on with the NZ elections, but honestly I do know how it all works and who everyone is and what they stand for etc… I just don’t know how to vote overseas, and also, like you, feel unenthused by the choice between two middling parties and the opportunity to vote for the lesser of two evils rather than feeling excited by anything. Even if I did vote Green, I would have little optimism about them gaining any actual power and say about things.

  5. PPS just read Romney’s speech. And vomitted a little in my mouth. It makes me want to cry that 4 million people voted for someone who would say such disgusting, destructive, fucking ridiculous, narrow-minded, backward, bigotted SHIT.

  6. Ah but I did precisely what you are thinking about doing and voted tactically to keep Labour honest and did it work? No. Labour went into power with Progressives, NZ First and United Future … sorry, UnitedFuture … they’ve rebranded, remember?

    Also, I’m pissed at the Greens for their statement against Ngati Porou’s success last week, it was badly worded, short sighted and reactionary. They should have congratulated them for being able to undermine the Foreshore and Seabed Legslation (or at least for managing to get the same deal that they would have got before the legislation) and showing other iwis how to do it. For that, they lose my presumed vote and will have to show me what they’re worth again …

    So it really will come down to who can fuck it up the least. Civic duty ain’t enough for me to get excited – I’ve voted in every general election since I could (I’m from a very politically minded household – I grew up with political discussion at the dinner table, election nights in front of the t.v. watching the results coming in, I even remember the whole Muldoon debacle on 1984 and I was only 6 at the time – you want geeky? Downstage Theatre had an election party (an excuse to celebrate, the then Artistic Director’s birthday) which is theatre code for piss up. While David worked the room, schmoozing and the like, where was I, the person who had actually been invited to this party? In the Green Room where the t.v. was situated, sitting in the front row with the newspaper pull out guide listing all of the electorates, a pen to mark them off by as the results came in, checking election updates on my mobile via WAP on top of the t.v. coverage …. this year, I will top that with liveblogging and podcasting bits of it from the UK – my place is the place to be, I am one hell of a party girl!). It’s never been an option to not vote even when the state of New Zealand politics is so meh as it is now … *sigh*

    Anyway, Lou, you (and any other expat New Zealander who has visited the shaky isles in the last three years) can enrol to vote, online at

  7. Whilst I don’t vote in local elections due to not really knowing anything due to moving around so much in recent years (however I would have in the most recent Welly ones), I would never consider not-voting in the general elections. Even if people know very little, it would take them 5 minutes to talk to someone and figure out what way they should vote (“do you care about more than money?” “yes” “are you evangelically religious?” “no” “vote left” (okay, slight simplification…)), and I firmly believe in the saying that if you don’t vote you don’t get to complain. I vote, and I’m more than happy to complain.

    Anyhoo – I thought of a reason to get excited. Just remember how exciting the last election night was! National winning by a tiny margin! A man stealing an aircraft and heading for Auckland! Wellington votes trickling in and the balance slowly sloooowly heading back over to the left…. The man crashing onto a beach! Labour winning! Surely you have some residual excitement leftover from that? Yes? Well, hold onto it, and see if that can get you through the early stages.

    Have enrolled in Wellington Central, though was slightly concerned at why they found no match for me on the electoroll… esp considering I not only voted in every election since I turned 18, but also worked for two of them… you’d think they’d maybe know who I was…

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