Packing List – The DVD

To give us all a break from the politics (and my goodness has the race for the Democrats nomination got interesting! The candidate is guaranteed to be either a woman or a brown man – who will all those white men supporting Edwards vote for now?), I’ve been mulling on what DVD to carry with me when I start travelling again.

To answer your next question, as a writer, other works are what inspire me, be they play texts, plays, films, television, books, etc. I read or watch them and they drive me through my own work, pushing me to be as good as they are.

On the road, books are out of the question, they’re just too heavy especially given my book buying habits (second hand bookshops are hazardous to my bank balance). Plus I think walking around with a copy of The Satanic Verses (my favourite book in the whole world ever, yes, even more than Good Omens or Mort … er … I just noticed how those all fit together … I’m quite a well adjusted woman … really) is probably more trouble than it’s worth. Play texts fall into the same category as books as far as bulk and bank balance is concerned.

DVDs are lightweight, the scripts are written for the medium, the performances and production captured for all time. I can watch them and experience once more all the things I love (or dislike) about the script and get into the right head space for my own stuff.

I didn’t take any DVDs with me when I left NZ in 2006 and I certainly missed the stuff that I had been using for inspiration more than my copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare, especially when I couldn’t afford to see shows (or just leave my flat for that matter).

I’m not going to make that mistake again.

One wee problem. It has to be region 2 as I can’t keep switching region on this laptop and ultimately locking the settings (when I finally decide on settling in one place for longer than a year, I’ll invest in a multi region DVD player). Sadly this means my beloved region 4 copies of Firefly and The West Wing will be left at home … *sob*

So the first thing into my suitcase will go State of Play
The six part drama series written by Paul Abbot, starring John Simms, David Morrissey, Kelly McDonald, Bill Nighy, James McAvoy … oh my goodness. It’s being remade into a Hollywood film, condensed from 6 hours to 2. If you can get your hands on a copy – see it!. Political thriller, amazing writing, the plot is breath taking, the dialogue is fantastic, the performances … well, just look at the cast … did I mention that there’s also Geraldine James, Philip Glenister, Marc Warren … dude, Michael Pennington took a bit role in this, that’s how good the script is!

Can I restrict myself to one (well, technically two) DVD? Hmm … it may depend on how many shoes I decide to pack this time …


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