And They Keep On Kicking

While in the US, President George W Bush was giving his State of the Union address, down under our leading politicians were … well, let’s say that I may have found the antidote to my current bout of insomnia …

How to sort out them damn pesky kids, if you vote for us, part two, was introduced today by Prime Minister, Helen Clark.

The Labour spin goes a little like this: It’s not all our fault that everything is fucked up – blame National ’91 (and … er … no one mention Rogernomics, 1984 or that 3 of our former cabinet ministers gave birth to ACT …*cough*), nine years in office is just not long enough to have sorted out these problems (although, ironically, we, with the help of our opposition managed to change the economic face of New Zealand in about that time 15-20 years back) so vote us in this time and we’ll make sure we fix it, really, the railways, hospitals, the national carrier, the post office, uh … wow … those are big … actually … look at all these shiny things we’ve done so far … ooh pretty! So anyways today we start with the yoof. We’re hitting them young, we’re hitting them early, we’re hitting them at 4 and 5. 4 and 5 year olds, my friends … they may look cute and cuddly but these buggers can be vicious …

The truth is that these children [who conduct disorder and/or severe antisocial behaviour] without early intervention can go on to cause considerable distress to society. Among them will be some of the next generation of violent criminals if we don’t act.

Oh and we’re keeping them in training institutions until they’re 18 … vote for us!

Ah … good to see that Labour is feeling so positive about our children. Thanks Aunty Helen. I guess by referring to violent crime you prefer the sort of criminals who can bring the world market to their knees … the sort of people who are naturally sociable, friendly, high fliers, good networkers, the kind of people who make you feel like you can trust them …

Like political parties who end their first official address of the year with no less than seven slogans, one after the other … anyone else getting that faint whiff of desperation?


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