Kicking it to the Kids

I’m starting to get the impression that neither of the major parties are courting the youth vote this year …

Yesterday, Annette King announces the forth coming announcement of an anti-tagging Bill to stop the yoof from writing on walls and spiralling down into the depths of violent crime … the sort of violent crime that is occasionally perpetrated against them by grown men who are aggressively macho, in need of some serious anger management help and should have their knives taken away from them.

Today, Leader of the Opposition, John “speaking slowly and mispronouncing Maori words while scattering Te Reo liberally through my speech means I’m an ordinary bloke (or Kerry Prendergast)” Key presented his State of the Nation address, focus in on … you guessed it … Youth Justice (if you want to read the speech in full, it’s available here or you can watch the speech online but only do that if you’re suffering from serious insomnia).

First words from both parties are: the young peoples are bad and dangerous and we will sort them out if you vote for us.

Oh the sweet, sweet, vote grabbing language of fear.

The Nats spin goes a little like this: If you remember the heady days of Muldoon, when men were men and didn’t wear pink and you liked what Don Brash said in Orewa, then you’ll like that we’re going to put these troublemakers into the army – vote for us. Also, if you happen to like the pink shirts and the word restorative justice then we will also be supporting/funding youth initiatives with “specialist providers with proven track records” (who don’t happen to be schools … er … no one mention school funding … ok?) which have a history of rehabilitating young people and sending them confidently out into the world … this may sometimes look like the army, but the army can outsource or rather “work with others to provide these programmes” too – vote for us. We’re calling it a fresh start for New Zealand.

You may like to refer to it as a retro paint job … retro is so in these days.

Prime Minister, Helen Clark, steps up with her state of the nation address first thing tomorrow.

Boredom and posturing awaits …


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