Romani Ite Domum

Striking deep into the heart to the criminal underworld, Minister of Justice, Annette King, announced that the Government will in turn announce new funding to get rid of graffiti, well, tagging specifically.

I mean really, it’s an election year and this is going to be one of your policies? Creating a Bill to stop kids from writing on walls? That will have them drug dealers, rapists and murderers quaking in their boots!

Sonal, you’re being facetious.

No, I would personally like to see the statistics that back Manakau Mayor, Len Brown’s theory that:

Graffiti is often the first step into a life of crime and tackling that could help set some youngsters “on the right path”.

Really? Show me the evidence. Show me the numbers. Show me how many taggers go on to lead a life of crime. Count them all and tell me the ones who made it as graphic designers, architects, film makers, gangsters, robbers, fraudsters (ooh, oops, you don’t mean white collar criminals now, do you?). Because the most recent evidence demonstrating the adverse effects of tagging point us to a current court case where a 15 year old was stabbed to death after tagging a fence and being chased down by a 50 year old businessman bearing a knife.

Next month, we will learn all … the silly season is definitely in full swing.


2 Responses to “Romani Ite Domum”

  1. How about a crackdown on knife-weilding businessmen? Perhaps they should look into his past to see what made him over react some what. It’s just a little paint man! Get that new anti tagging teflon stuff if it bothers you that much…

  2. What. The. Fuck.

    I seriously hope someone tags Len Brown’s office in big bright artistically drawn letters that spell out: F U C K I N G M O R O N.

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