Sonal Vs Bike – Round 1

Coasting and Balance

No pedals
no front break
Up and down the car park I go
Feet in easy reach of the ground as I balance on two thin wheels trying to keep my butt attached to the


Sonal’s lady bits = 0; Bike = 1


6 Responses to “Sonal Vs Bike – Round 1”

  1. But doable? I need to know that this can be done!

  2. Ouch.

    Don’t do as Michelle’s cycling class instructer did and get a bikini wax… apparently she was in a lot of extra pain.

  3. Why no pedals or brake??

  4. Because I should be concentrating on balance and I only need the rear brake … trust me, my balance needs an awful lot of work.

    Regrowth hurts too on hard seat, but yes … anyway just discovered that my bikini elastic has died (well I’ve had it since 2000) … wax can wait!

    Will stick this out people! I will find my balance! Managed to balance for a whole 3 seconds … ok maybe it was more like 2 1/2 …

  5. Hey Chick I’m useless on a bike too. I have issues with stopping. Once I’m going and away – sweet as, unless I have to break. As a child I would ride around until I found somewhere suitable to crash into. Pile of leaves, body of water… perhaps I should have stuck to a velodrome!! Balance is easier the faster you go – just don’t ask me how you stop without the use of a pile of leaves or a body of water…

  6. Hee … I have this image of a mini you aiming for the sea on a bike … sadly all I is got is concrete … oh and cars … plenty of cars …

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