Random Musings from a Table in Singapore

*A Milo Dinosaur is the best cold drink, ever … (basically it’s freshly made hot milo, cooled over ice cubes and then with heaped spoonfuls of milo powder on top).

*Contrary to popular marketing, a Mac does not necessarily work ‘straight out of the box’.

*Chinese food in London is unforgivably awful outside of a few restaurants in Chinatown … I don’t understand why …

*Playgrounds need to have extra swings for adults to play on. Actually adults need their own playgrounds with swings, slides and roundabouts … ooh and candyfloss!


2 Responses to “Random Musings from a Table in Singapore”

  1. I behind you on the last one…my local park has only two swings, and one is a bucket swing. Solo swinging is not quite the same…

  2. Oh I agree, playing on a swing is no fun for one … I reckon if playgrounds for adults existed, there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic (we may have to ditch the candyfloss) – please grown ups, when will you learn that gyms are not fun?!

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