Aloha 2008

It’s nice to see you.

You’ve kind of caught me midstream with my to do list so I’ll have to ask for your forgiveness for not creating a list of new year resolutions … instead here are a bunch of things that I’m going to do this year (as in the ball is already rolling on them):

Learn to ride a bike. I know, shock horror to most of you. Bhai and I weren’t allowed to have bikes at all ever (I’m looking at you very sternly Mum!), a friend taught him how to ride in his late 20s, so he is now going to do the same for me – place your best training wheels joke here and see if I don’t come after you …

Have a work on stage/ be back on stage
. 6 – 10 May at BATS Theatre. First work on stage since AVA in 2003 (not counting Yatra in 2004, which I had a hand in sculpting but not really driving); first time acting on stage since *gulp* 2001 …

Put my voice out into the cyberverse
. Yes, I’ve been dropping a word or two about this for a while … it’s what the Eureka moment was all about … this year will see the launch of The Word from Outside a weekly podcast about … well, I’m not spilling all the beans on that one just yet … yes, Tamasha and Zen, you’ll finally get to hear my strange flattened vowels, cultural cringe and apologies … come to think of it, apologies to all of you.

After over a year away from being a tech, I’ll be a tech once more. On the road in Dunedin and Auckland doing lights and sound for comedian James Nokise. Oh and while I’m at it, if you have a show on in Edinburgh during the Festival or for that matter any time from June and need a tech (lights/sound) – hi, pick me, pick me, I’m AWESOME …

Living in different countries, again. Three. Singapore to New Zealand and thence to Scotland. Yes. Confirmed. Oh please, don’t look at me like that, I have a ticket to Radiohead (Lou, you rock!) and they’re playing on my 30th birthday – you would too!

30th Birthday spectacular
. Ok, maybe not so much with the spectacular. Those of you who need notice of such things and may well be on the same land mass – I’m currently looking for a cottage near either Glasgow or Edinburgh for my birthday weekend … please keep it free, will make sure I have transport from train station organised to make things easier (you hear me London people?). Eating, drinking, frivolities involving outdoor or indoor games …

Kirituhi. In the form of a lotus, if I can find someone to create it. Need help on this one, so advice is warmly welcome.

Finish dirty creatures
. First production ready finished. Before I land in NZ. Yes, Morgue, JP, Miria, Whiti, Jean, Simon, Matt, Rina, everyone who I owe a script to – you may all kick me very hard on 20 February if you don’t have it by then.

I’m excited to be in 2008 … it feels good so far, so here’s hoping that the whole year is going to rock … or at least build on the last in a good way (again, cheers 2007). Happy new year all!

Welcome 2008, leave your shoes at the door and make yourself at home.

s x


10 Responses to “Aloha 2008”

  1. Ha, learning to ride a bike was on my list of things to do before I turned 30. It never happened for me, hope you have better luck 🙂

  2. Ahh… I can’t ride a bike either! My balance as a child appeared to be shit, I even got a bike for Christmas one year and everything. I felt like such a disappointment to the family at the age of 6. Personally, I like the idea of a grown-up-pimped-up tricycle. Like on Orange County Choppers, but with pedals.

    Will be glad to have you back these ways Sonal, I won’t have a pesky Masters to work on then either 🙂

  3. I did learn to ride a bike when I was like 8 or something, but as soon as I’d made the successful ride around the block I stopped, and have never gotten on one since and don’t plan to ever. Thanks to my questionable balance, and thanks to having seen my brother and sister both hurt themself on their bikes, and thanks to once having the handle-bar come periously close to my ladyparts (well, girlparts at the time) as I flew over the front, I stick to my ‘I have a bike phobia’ stance.

  4. PS we need to go to Amsterdam together. I need to go with people who won’t be tempted to hire a bicycle and see the city that way. And people who will understand the look of sheer mortification I will produce when I see the number of people whizzing about.

  5. Ok so now I don’t feel so bad if this bike business doesn’t work out … that said, considering my love for the open road, and ability to take the odd tumble thanks to more than a few accidents with doors, head clearances and hockey balls, I may suit biking really well. That said, I do like Steph’s pedal choppers. There’s already four of us, we could have our own gang! Ooh and get matching leather jackets … ok, maybe not so much with the jackets …

    But yes Lou, I Amsterdam sans bike is a good idea. A very good idea. Maybe we could walk around with just helmets on and pretend we have lost our bikes somewhere the whole time? Just for the amusement.

    Ok, maybe not.

  6. Nah, let’s just go and get wasted.
    No. Seriously.

  7. wow! bike riding in 2008. will this make 2009 the year of swimming?

  8. I don’t know how to ride a bike either!!!

    But swimming? That’s plain unsafe, man.

  9. (Not knowing how to, I mean.)

  10. Kathryn! Shh! I was doing so well at not looking like a complete retard until now …

    Don’t worry Tamasha – I can dog paddle, kick, stroke and backstroke so you can throw me in the water and I won’t drown. What I can’t seem to manage is the whole kick-stroke-breathe while belly down combination – I check what direction I want to go in, put my head down and kick-stroke in that direction until I run out of air and then stop to take a breath before going again.

    I only swim in the sea (well, that’s certainly the case for the last few years anyway) and don’t like swimming pools, so I my small range of skills are suitable for that … of course I would be happy to learn … it’s the embarrassment of being an adult who can’t swim or coordinate properly that I have to overcome.

    Any patient volunteers out there who would like to teach me?

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