So Long 2007

Dear 2007,

Thank you.

Thank you for what has been both awesome and trying year. You gave me Me back – doc boots, big umbrellas, wit and more importantly my heart, I thought I would never see it again, but there it is, bright, shiny, strong, minus it’s bulletproof casing and in better condition than ever …

There are a few things I must confess before your final hours are out: I never got around to learning Hindi, my Mandarin lessons have gone astray and the insanity of being paid once a month in arrears meant that the dance lessons gave way to other silly things like paying rent, gas and buying rice … and er … I’m still working on that draft of dirty creatures … will finish it soon … promise …

If 2008 is only half as awesome as you turned out to be, I’ll be very happy … well ok, I’ll be happy if it’s only half as trying … next year I would like to be able to enjoy myself in Edinburgh … which means (just in case you’re listening 2008) having a regular job that pays enough so that I don’t have to raid my NZ bank account or borrow money from friends to pay bills and buy groceries (and while we’re here – it would be nice to be able to afford to see a bit more of Europe too).

Well anyway, I’m sure there will be a lot of people talking about you with fondness and regret today so I’ll let you go.

Just wanted to say, you are up there as one of my favourites.

With much love and appreciation,

Sonal x


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