The Reading Room: Sad, sad, sad

Regardless of what I thought of the woman, and I confess, it was not much (not that it matters anymore), the assassination of Benazir Bhutto is a terrible tragedy. There are people all over the cyberverse discussing the event – all you need to do is hit Google’s news tab and it’s all there for your news junkie fix.

Myself? I have no words of worth, just sadness. To put it coarsely – this sucks for Pakistan and her people. Bye bye elections in January (although I doubt that they would have been free or fair), hello instability, violence and every wingnut on the earth seeing this as an opportunity to burn the country to ash and rebuild it in their own image … see, I’m not terribly eloquent about these things …

For eloquence, I’ll direct you to Tariq Ali’s post in The Guardian.


2 Responses to “The Reading Room: Sad, sad, sad”

  1. am I too cynical for just assuming Musharraf or someone in his party was responsible?

  2. No not too cynical especially as the Interior Ministry put out the word that she actually died by hitting her head on the back of the sun roof (wtf?!) – seriously, I could not make this shit up.

    I don’t think it would be a good move for Musharraf to do it – he needed her help to prop up his shitty government and he’s been doing a pile of realpolitik dealing with her all this time.

    Really, who knows? The woman had a lot of enemies it could be anyone … if it happened in the west, the conspiracy theories that will be borne by this would eclipse those of JFK.

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