[Not So] Lolpols


Who on earth in the Prime Minister’s office thought it would be a good idea to rebutt an opinion piece via the comments section of a blog? Did they not watch The West Wing? You know, the episode where Josh makes the mistake of posting on a internet forum?

Senior civil servants, please! Aren’t you supposed to be media trained? Commenting, in the negative, on a journalist’s blog? What were you thinking?!

How do I put this in terms you may understand … it’s like giving Winston Peters the names of a few refugees, immigration statistics, a copy of the Dominion Post and parlimentary priviledge – the man is going to create some sort of crusade out of an imaginary conspiracy!

Ok, we all get it, you’re pissed off with the main New Zealand media agencies – who hasn’t been? But antagonising them just as you begin an election year, isn’t going to help you …

Oh and by the way, if it is true, if the Prime Minister really did say:

The political editors on the two main television channels were too young to remember seminal events like the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam, the 1981 Springbok tour and the sending of frigates to protest against nuclear tests at Mururoa.

“[Prime ministers Rob] Muldoon and David Lange are basically ancient history too and World War I and II are antediluvian.”

Then it is on … is that what the Labour Party thinks of my generation (and I’m sure both editors are older than me)? If this is true (and we’ll only know once the speech notes are released online), then I think you’ve just demonstrated why my voting block won’t be voting for you.


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