Cutting Up Wellington

So remember that whole inner city bypass justification? The one where Council (be it in it’s Greater Regional variety or actual WCC) told us that the bypass …

“will provide a less congested, safer, and more efficient route between the Terrace Tunnel and the Basin Reserve”

Remember all of that?

Today the Greater Wellington Regional Council have released a consultation document on the state of Wellington’s roads … what’s that? It’s a bit soon given that the bypass is not even a year old! Yes. That’s because submissions and comments for the first part of the consultation, the part where we discuss the roading issues of Wellington, were due in on 15 May 2006 – a full 7 months before the north bound lane of the bypass was opened to traffic. No wonder of the 67 organisations invited to comment, only 17 made submissions – probably because they wanted to see what the effects of the bypass were first … just a guess …

It’s a tale of the obvious – investment into our public transport systems is a must. At the moment communters face poorly serviced routes, a lack of bus lanes and expensive fares. However:

Extending the public transport spine to the airport is unlikely to be viable in the current planning horizon given the low passenger numbers and high cost.

Did they think to study why there are low passenger numbers at present?

So the focus of the Eastern Suburbs still revolves around roads. Amongst the suggestions is to make a duplicate tunnel for Mount Victoria and increase the capacity on the road by turning Wellington Road and Ruahine Street … interesting … how exactly? There’s not a lot of space as it is – and while the pretty pictures provided seem to say that residents won’t be losing their front or backyards, my experience, of Ruahine Street in particular, would seem otherwise.

As a comment from the phase one report said:

Transit cannot build it’s way out of congestion.

They’re certainly appear to want to do just that.

Want to have a say? Well this is all about phase two, my friends. Submissions are being accepted from now until 22 February (go on Lotte, you know you want to!), click here for more details …


3 Responses to “Cutting Up Wellington”

  1. Well something that inspired dread was a suggestion I read the other day to build a fly over on the north side of the Basin. I really have no sympathy for those losers – they went on and on about how the bypass would do this and that, when everyone knew it was just making a fast lane to a one-way tunnel. Planning ahead indeed.

    Then again, I’m not really surprised. It’s not about the people who live IN Wellington anymore, it’s about the people who use it as a thoroughfare to the airport. So I have NO sympathy for the locals in the whole Transmission Gully fiasco. None at all. But I will be putting in a submission. Yes soiree.

  2. You should have seen the suggestions that didn’t make recommendation:
    – A tunnel from who knows where into Miramar.
    – Creating a twin tunnel for Pirie Street, after the ‘acquisition’ of some houses.
    – Widening Wallace Street, also after the ‘acquisition’ of houses along the East side and relocating Massey University.

    I wonder how much it would cost for them to just move the airport and leave the rest of us alone?

  3. Sonal, don’t be ridiculous. It’s not like the airport is in a fog-hole and gets closed for several days of the year because of this; and also has a dangerous wind effect that also has it closed for several days of the year because of that… oh wait…

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