The Tour of Love

Having spent the better part of the year house bound and finding creative ways to make pasta, rice, cheese and cans of tomatoes or tuna taste different from night to night (but Sonal, what about the vegetables? Listen, the reason why everyone in London seems to be mean, pasty and miserable – no one is getting enough vitamins and nutrients into their system. It’s just too expensive to buy vegetables … really … unless you’re fortunate enough to make it to the markets, your choices basically boil down to this: having enough money to catch the bus/tube/whatever to work, or eating – can you see the vicious cycle?), I was determined to make up for the holiday part of my working holiday (not that there was much work either) …

With no rent to pay on my next pay round, I hired a car and hit the road with the winds of freedom blowing in my hair (hmm … on reflection, it was probably a combination of dirty London rain, a cold northerly and the hot air of some very grumpy commuters packed on the Picadilly Line to Heathrow at peak hour …).

The tour of love began with a drive down to Dorchester to see Meg and Rochelle in their pretty home and talk the night away about, well, nothing of great import really, just shooting the breeze over good food and hospitality until the wee hours of the morning (after a day of walking around on the coast with salty sea air, hills and seagulls – bliss!). Then it was off into the heavy rain on Sunday to quickly say hello to Leon and Laura in Winchester, before hoofing it up to Birmingham before it got too dark, which was a good thing, because it started to snow …


That the second guy at the back of the car was only pretending to push it up the hill … less than a second later he stood upright and was just waving his arms in encouragement, while his mate continued struggling.

Later in the week there was a visit to York (just because), Nottingham to see Sully and finally the bit of the trip that I have always wanted to do – Scotland!

More on that tomorrow …


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