Speechless? Uh … Yes!

Ok first things first: I fully support the Writer’s Guild of America strike, to the point where I have stopped watching online video (just when The Daily Show put their archives online) in solidarity. If you’re familiar with the Comedy Central video site, you’ll have endured the advertisments before almost every clip. Clearly someone has sold this slot of advertising, so someone knows how to make money of this new fangled web thing, and as they are making money from putting up clips, which would not exists without the writers in the first place, then logically one would think that the writers would get their share for the work they created that is being resold. It makes an awful lot of sense to me. There are a couple of websites that you can read to get up to speed with the issues – United Hollywood and fans4writers.com.

With that disclaimer in place (and again for the people who may not understand – I support the WGA strike, whole heartedly), I am so very disappointed with whoever created the first Speechless episode. The videos were launched on Thanksgiving and feature high profile actors in a variety of scenes that demonstrate what film, television, well any scene would be like if there were no writers to complete the dialogue or scene. Quite a clever idea, yeah?

Yeah, when I read about in in the Guardian, I thought so too. And then, this morning, I watched the first one with Holly Hunter. Oh no, they didn’t, oh yes, they fucking did …

I don’t even know where to start with this … uh let’s see, tired outsourcing gag to India, bad Indian accent, bad grammar by the man in Bangalore (“I’m humble sorry”? I don’t know of ANY Indian who speaks English like that! Three year olds, yes, grown adults – NO) … I mean, if you’re going to go for stereotypes why not throw in a head wobble, turban and beard while you’re at it?

On another level, as a writer of South Asian extraction I am livid! Do these particular writers/actors/whoever else is involved think that Indians can’t write? A nation that has produced Nobel Laureate, Booker Prize, Commonwealth Prize winning writers?

And who uses the Webster dictionary anyway? Geez people Oxford English all the way!

If they’re trying to prove that without the writers, a bunch of other creatives are left to make shitty, offensive internet videos, then I think they nailed it.


One Response to “Speechless? Uh … Yes!”

  1. *Disclaimer: Also whole-heartedly support the writer’s strike*


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