It Finally Happened

There are many things that can be said about the wind in Wellington. For instance, the rain does not fall down in your standard, water falling from the sky, attracted to the earth (and the earth equally attracted to it) by the pull of gravity. Oh no, the rain in Wellington does not fall, it tries to cut your head off. Umbrellas? Forget them, you’ll just end up impaling yourself (Mary Poppins would have found herself half way across the Antarctic had the Banks family been located in Wellington). Hats? Oh how the wind laughs at your attempt to be stylish as it thrusts it off into the harbour. Scarves? You better have it tied like a hang man’s noose otherwise you will be trying to retrieve it from the top of a tree (while holding onto if for dear life yourself – 2 steps forward, 3 steps back? Every Wellingtonian knows that special shuffle as they rush off to work in the morning). The trees in Wellington all have a special lean to them, forged by our powerful wind.

And now the winds of Wellington have claimed a new scalp – airplanes

Anyone who has ever flown in and out of Wellington during a howling southerly or well, come to think of it, any time at all, will not be the slightest bit surprised.

Oh, and, yes road trip is going rather well, thanks. It snowed in Birmingham on Sunday night (but cleared by morning) and it’s a touch cold, however this kind of cold you can dress for (many, many layers will do the trick, and once you’re moving it’s fine). Will see what the weather is like in the morning before deciding where to go (did York today) – may go to Liverpool tomorrow, but if you have any suggestions for a day trip from Birmingham, would love to hear them.


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