Comings and Goings, Birthdays and the like …

While packing and avoiding any writing work, I’ve been tidying my photo files and I suddenly realised that it’s been a while since I have shared any photos of my adventures with you.

Well, it’s my last week in London and while you’ve probably heard more about the bad, there have been plenty of good bits too. Rather than give you the mind numbing slide show of ‘what I did on my holidays’, I’m just going to give you the best bits (and possibly torture you with a mind numbing blog post that could be summarised with the following title “what I did on my holidays”).

So in no particular order …

One piece of heaven.
This much I know about the places that I want to live – I have to be near water. Having been brought up near it, living far away from the sea is hell … many times, just to stay sane, I would walk my way into town via the canals and on the Thames Path, the sound of water lapping gently along the towpath or riverbank sure beats the “mind the gap” announcements and claustrophobia of the tube. London is far prettier without the cars too.


Regents Canal near Victoria Park – on Saturdays a combination of Helen, Bonny and myself walk this way to Broadway Market to pick up delectable things to nibble upon. Broadway Market is kind of like Borough Market, but cheaper, laid back, and best of all, there’s a stall that sells idli sambar!

Let’s see … there was the London Mela …

The Regent’s Street Festival

And, of course, Diwali in the Square

All things geeky
Hmm … what does this belong to?

New friends, old friends, coming, going, eating, celebrating.
Diwali dinner at my place … yes, that is alcohol … and meat … this is the way I do Diwali.

Oh and for no reason what so ever – the best named shop in all the world!

From today, the posts will be fewer until I get to Singapore – it’s my last week in London and I’m trying to see as many people to say au revoir to, along with a couple of show proposals due on Thursday night … and then I’ll be on the road … will bore you all with the photos during this time …


4 Responses to “Comings and Goings, Birthdays and the like …”

  1. My Diwali has alcohol and meat too, so don’t feel bad.

  2. Oh I certainly don’t feel bad … but I did tell a friend on the phone when she called to say Sal Mubarak, that she wouldn’t have liked my version, there was a small pause and then “yes”.

    I’ll definitely be doing it again with my rules – if it’s warm enough in Wellington next year, we may pull out the barbeque.

  3. Wha…? Where is that shop?!

  4. Top of Brick Lane, Bethnal Green end …

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