Festival Fun

The NZ International Arts Festival brochure has been launched … and I am so relieved that I don’t have to change my flights home to see Black Watch. Yes, I really would have changed my flights, it is just that good, and I’ve only read the play. See it, see it, see it! I’m planning to go on 29 February (once the public bookings open on 16 November) if you want to join me.

What else am I going to see? Well definitely going to see Indian Ink’s new play The Dentist’s Chair and Te Karakia, Albert Belz’s new play set during the ’81 Tour … oh and … er … guilty pleasure … bro’Town Live on Stage

And there’s still the Writers and Readers week programme due in January!

So excited!


6 Responses to “Festival Fun”

  1. I’ll go!

  2. Well, yes Black Watch will be on at the Barbican next year – but the staging will be changed from traverse to pros arch … do go, tell me what you think.

  3. I’m keen for The Dentist’s Chair, maybe more…

  4. I’m in Wellys for the Art Fest – am assuming it’ll be cheaper paying NZ$$?

  5. Bro’town is not a guilty pleasure Sonal, it is a piece of serious popular culture attempting to reflect the complex make up of New Zealand society. And besides, who wouldn’t go and see pretty much another Naked Samoans gig? I’ll be there…

  6. Well yeah of you’re in Welly (I had no idea!), then definitely book festival seats – the top price ticket is $50 – you’ll be in a crappy seat for that much in the Barbican (plus it will be much better to see Black Watch in traverse as it was created.

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