Supergroove Are Back And Touring?!

God dammit! No one tells me anything!

And I’ve just discovered, of all the CDs in my collection, I forgot to load my beloved copy of Traction onto my computer! Argh!


6 Responses to “Supergroove Are Back And Touring?!”

  1. This horrifies me much less than the get-back-togethers of Take That and Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls. But still does make me suspicious that the apocolypse approacheth.

  2. PS I keep finding popcorn in my handbag. Apparently I was making a complete mess of eating it in the film. Not sure if it was the violence or Viggo’s man-bits distracting me.

  3. Horrifies?

    You don’t like Supergroove? I’m so excited – if I were home I’d be leading the mosh pit!

    Oh well I guess we’ll keep drawing the lines, you get Napoleon Dynamite, Joaquin Phoenix, Bronte, I’ll take Shakespeare, Supergroove and … er … Star Wars …

    Wow, I’m a geek.

  4. No, no, Supergroove are very special to me. In a ‘retro music to revisit and think on memories’ sort of way. Not a ‘get back together please’ kind of way. Although, if they are just doing a reunion tour that’s totally cool. New music could be horrifying.

    You can still have them on your side though… if I get Gorgeous George? Yeah?

  5. For Supergroove? Sure … so long as I get … oh, it really doesn’t matter, you wouldn’t be interested and it will just further prove that I am a geek … I’ve done enough of that all ready.

  6. I’ll add Jane Austen to my list to try and even up the geekdom stakes. And Nancy Drew… can I have Nancy Drew?

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