So Here’s The Plan

I’m picking up a car on November 16 and for 13 days I will be doing the Tour of Love along this small island before I head home to my slightly larger but vastly unpopulated island via my other home which is a teeny island but heavily populated … still with me?

This much is planned so far – see Meg in Dorchester, see Leon in Winchester, see the fam in Birmingham, see Scotland (yeah there was no way to tie up that sentence nicely and make it awesome, oh well).

If you’re in the UK and haven’t told me, let me know I’ll pop by and say hello. If you’re not in the UK and have any recommendations of places to see (I’ve done most of the big touristy stuff – Palaces, Castles, University towns, Druid stones), cafes to visit, or more importantly any excellent second hand bookshops (yes, I will be going to Hay on Wye) please tell me!


5 Responses to “So Here’s The Plan”

  1. Yo. There’s another heavily populated island calling your name!

  2. In fact, we have twice the population of that other teeny island.

  3. 2009, baby! The NZ government has signed a working holiday agreement with the US which comes into effect next year. So will definitely be heading stateside either at the end of next year or at the start of the following …

    And yes, there will be roadtripping …

  4. Go to Edinburgh. It is awesome.

    I can hook you up with locals (of both the Scottish and long-time-Kiwi-resident variety).

    There are several quality bookshops on the street that links the Grassmarket to Lothian Road.

  5. Oh yeah, Edinburgh is a definite … have done the Castle and new town before, so is there any particular thing there that you recommend?

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