What the F#@k is Going On?! – Pt 2: The British Invasion

In the same week that Al Gore and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change win the Nobel Peace Prize, the British Goverment are laying claim to the Antarctic seabed that they share with Chile and Argentina, to explore the potential to mine for gas, oil and mineral deposits.

Yes, it is a time honoured tale … can’t be bothered funding the maintainence of our historical past but if there’s a buck (or rather pound) to be made, we’re in!

So New Zealand right? We’ll take the higher ground, yeah? I mean, we’re looking after Shackleton and Scott’s huts because it’s good to, and unlike some other nations, we will respect the 1959 Antarctic Treaty because that’s the right thing to do. Yes? No, no, before you even get the chance to snort “Falklands take two, anyone?” with self righteous derision, apparently we’re not above petty tit for tat land grabs. As the Brits are doing it, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina (and probably France and Norway) are all putting in claims of their own … To get an idea of what we’re looking at, check out the Guardian Map here.

It’s at times like these that I am grateful for the British institutional love for all things bureaucratic. May the red tape wind this request up with a whole lot of karmic love so that nothing will ever proceed beyond the initial rhetoric.

*For any British citizens or current residents out there, flatmate Helen has started a formal EPetition with the British Government to voice your disapproval, please sign it if you agree and pass on the link.


One Response to “What the F#@k is Going On?! – Pt 2: The British Invasion”

  1. Sovereign rights…?! What the…?!

    Petition signed. And forwarded.

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