2 More Days to Vote

Listen up Wellingtonians – please go and vote in the local body elections. I know it’s not as exciting as the grand general elections where whole parties of people seem to promise you the world and more (maybe we should all start keeping a tally on the number of times that tax cuts are going to be brought up between now and the elections and who will promise them when), but the joy of the local body elections is the voting system – single transferrable vote (STV – the good sort, not the burny sort).

You get to rank your candidates in order of preference! It’s like hot or not! Don’t like them? Don’t even give them a number – oh yeah, feel that burn!

But please vote. Goverment may do all the big stuff like taxes, education and health but Council does all the little stuff, the stuff you need to enjoy the fabulous city you live in – rubbish, footpaths, parks, arts grants (the Council is seriously propping up Wellington’s arts industry) and events – fabulous, awesome events.

You love Wellington on a good day? Who do you think makes it happen? Vote for the city you want, it won’t even take the time to boil the jug …


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