The Reading Room

Over the last three days, The Guardian have been publishing extracts from Deborah Cameron’s new book The Myth of Mars and Venus.

The idea that women and men communicate so differently has never sat well with me. Sure on a relationship level I had huge difficulties but that had to do more with mutual ass-hatness, stubborness and a whole lot of other -ness’ rather than anything to do with gender. In the workplace I’ve never had any trouble communicating with my male colleagues, and we’re talking about a lot techies here too.

So knowing that, you can pretty much guess that I rather enjoyed this read …

It’s starts with What language barrier? continues on with Speak up, I can’t hear you and concludes with Back down to Earth.



2 Responses to “The Reading Room”

  1. I had to flick through Mars/Venus (the original) for work a while back and literally couldn’t even read it… the thought that it was so popular and such a huge seller makes me feel sick…

    Yay for this book!

  2. This new books looks great – thanks for pointing it out.

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