And Now For The Love …

I am such a happy geek right now. (No I haven’t been to the Star Wars exhibition or the Terracotta Warriors at the British Museum … yet …)

Last night I met a lovely bunch of people at the Sepia Mutiny meet up, which really isn’t geeky at all … well maybe meeting people you only know because you read them on the internet is … that’s such a tiny geeky thing these days, especially given that I have good real life friends with whom much of my communication is now online. Take Morgue for example, we really haven’t seen each other since, when was it? 2001 maybe? Possibly even longer than that (and I still have no idea how we met – Vic theatresports possibly)? And yet, even with less than a year of accidently reappearing in each other’s lives, thanks to blog to blog communication it feels like there hasn’t been a gap at all. He is just as important to me as Lou or Steph is, both of whom live in London, but probably talk to each other more online than off as I hardly get to see them these days (er … ladies? We really need to catch up soon!). I had a fun night and it really reminded me that in spite of the heartbreak that made me leave New Zealand in the first place and the hellish time I’ve been having in London with, well, almost everything, if my life hadn’t been completely and utterly turned upside down, this blog wouldn’t exist, I wouldn’t have met Tamasha, or got up to speed with Morgue’s awesomeness so quickly, or had the chance to meet these smart, intelligent, cool people last night (thought of you all night Tamasha, when we meet up it’s going to be a riot – the best kind of riot, obviously!). So thank you all, I sincerely hope our paths cross again and if you’re ever in Wellington or Singapore, give me a yell, it will be wonderful to see you.

Yes, happy, not so geeky, moment one. Uber geeky, happy moment two …

I went to Cambridge University Press today (I think you’ll know what’s coming next) … in front of me sit three new books: an edition of Henslowe’s diaries; a history of the Lord Chamberlain’s Men and the King’s Men and finally the geekiest one of all, the one that I’m very excited about (well excited since the 3rd edition of Gurr’s Playgoing in Shakespeare’s London came out) … the final book of The Works of John Webster, this one is notable because Anything for a Quiet Life is in it. And yes, our performances as the student production in 2001 are noted in our former lecturer’s portion of the introduction to the play. JP, we made it into an academic book about Elizabethan theatre! Tee hee!

Yup, I’m a geek.

And proud.


7 Responses to “And Now For The Love …”

  1. awesome – I’m an academia nut…

  2. Aww! 🙂 🙂 Glad you had fun. Those things freak me out.

  3. In geek language: i r hugZor y00

  4. Tamasha, if it weren’t for the fact that I had a bad week and was so tired from working two jobs I think I would have freaked out too. I also figured that as the Mutiny is US based, and I’m only in London for a few more months, it’s going to be a very long time until I get to go to another meet up (maybe when I’m stateside in 2009?) …

    JP? *groan* And how long have you been waiting to say that?

    Morgue, 🙂

  5. No, you’re right. I would have gone too. Hell, I went to one here in NYC over the summer. Although I kept talking about how much I was going to HATE it, I didn’t. 🙂

  6. Working two jobs…?

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