Good Omens

I was running a little early during my meander this afternoon (which started with a hunt for a decent kebab roll in Tooting Broadway, continued with a spur of the moment jump onto a bus heading out to Richmond and then a short train ride back into London), so I decided to walk from Waterloo station along the Southbank to the Pacific Playhouse in Southwark (where I’m doing box office for Eugenia and, in two weeks time, Kikia Te Poa, if you’re in London come along).

The playhouse is quite a bit inland from the river so I turned off a little before London bridge and proceeded to get lost … and then I stumbled onto the site of the original Globe Theatre …

The actual remains lie two metres below the surface (for preservation) and are marked out by different coloured paving stones. The rest of the Globe lies beneath a Grade II protected late Georgian building so sadly it’s going to take a disaster of some sort before we ever find out what the Globe actually looked like (what you can see up there is a little bit of the wall and what looks like one of the stairwells which sits as a box like shape on the outside of the round walls) – this will be one of the few times you’ll hear me say, screw the Georgian building, there’s plenty of those in this country, give me the Globe!

This is a very good omen.

My first visit to the UK in 1995 involved me (and Mum) stumbling onto the new Globe as it was being built. I’ve got some great photos at home which show the half built theatre sans stage and well, half of the actual building. Geeky love at first sight, the purest kind there is … and geeky cupid’s arrow struck again as more than 10 years later, I, older, wiser and considerably more geeky, blindly stumble upon the original site …

I can’t explain to you why I think this is good, Mum will understand but I can’t put it into words. I can just feel it.

Oh … and yes, I did find my way to the theatre in plenty of time to open the box office … just in case you were wondering …


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