Justice – IRD Style

You’ve got to love the IRD … well, ok, you don’t have to love them, but the blood sucking buggers certainly never miss a trick when it comes to collecting revenue.

The IRD have just delivered on Peter Machirus, bookie, burglar, fraudster and wannabe crime lord a $1.9m tax bill.

While the victims of this man’s crimes may never recover what they lost from him, they can be assured that the IRD will make him pay … and pay … and pay … and pay …

Best quote from the IRD:

All income, regardless of where it is derived from, is taxable … the department does not distinguish between illegal or legal income.

Yes, that’s right, you may be getting ripped off, but the Government will always be expecting a slice of that ill gotten pie … I wonder how, as crime boss extraordinare, you would fill in your tax return at the end of the financial year?

Is it on an Individual return or will (as the head of a large crime ring) you need to fill out a Company return or are you a Club or Society for tax purposes (aye, we’re into contact sports – all of them)? Will you be required to pay higher ACC? Can you claim expenses relating to your crime weilding ways (cost of new brass knuckles, training of young recruits, new computers and hardware, credit card scanners)?

And more importantly – can you claim a rebate?


One Response to “Justice – IRD Style”

  1. My mum’s a blood sucking bugger!

    [it’s always good for conversational effect to have a mother working at IRD as there are frequent situations in which people insult the IRD and I drop that in and they go a bit awkward and silent and I giggle to myself as a) I obviously hate the IRD too, and b) my mum is one of the actual helpful people there]

    [if you ever need to talk to IRD I could give you her extension]

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