Don’t Go On The Internet

So I was procrastinating a little … and I went looking on the interweb to see how Eagle vs Shark is doing (it’s a lovely, lovely film. In general the reviews in the UK have been great and people seem to be, for the most part, getting it) … and then I stumbled onto a Flight of the Conchords fansite … which was fine, cute but slightly odd (not judging the folks who are on it, more my reaction and kiwi awkwardness of it all) … and then I saw someone’s avatar …

I’m feeling very, very disturbed now.

They’ve cut out a bit from the So You’re A Man poster, the bit featuring Bret. The poster features the guys (David, Carey, Taika, Jemaine and Bret) naked with various household implements covering their bits and now David’s naked shoulder is part of someone’s avatar and that’s just weird (someone wrote a poem about him once which was … er … very descriptive of … well I’m still too icked out by the poem to talk about it).

Where did this woman get the image from? This was from a time when plays weren’t marketed online the way they are now so I’m presuming there isn’t a digital version of the poster. The BATS digital copy that they would have put in Guano will be long lost and I doubt that Taika would know where his digital version is, there are still hard copies – I think the guys have copies as does the BATS dressing rooms and I’m sure the excess prints are still with David (as he never throws anything out – except for the chain I asked him to lose, which I think Mark enforced on my behalf). Aside from this the person whose avatar it is is State side, so I’m really curious as to how they got a copy of the poster.

I’m so happy for those guys because they are so freakingly talented and clever and should have all of the best things in the world happening for them, but I’m not so sure that it justifies someone cutting out a naked bit of them for their avatar? EEK!

Am I the only one really very weirded out by this?

I’m not going to procrastinate on the web again. Ever. It’s too scary …


2 Responses to “Don’t Go On The Internet”

  1. I’m not going to procrastinate on the web again. Ever.


  2. Scoff if you like Ms T, but I am so creeped out that it may be true … ok a little bit true … I’m certainly never going into fansites for people I know ever again, I’m happy to live in ignorance.

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