Any Employment Lawyers in the House?

I need someone to help me understand how Clint Rickards (you may know him as the suspended yet aquitted Assistant Police Commissioner from the Louise Nicholas rape trial) is still entitled to a new Holden Commodore under his employment contract?

I don’t understand, it’s not being used for police business as Rickards has been on suspension since 2004, that’s right, he’s not been a police officer for around 3 years now – how on earth can his contract justify the car? Isn’t there something in his contract which takes away his right to certain privileges whilst under suspension (and presumably, investigation)? Surely there must be something there about bringing the uniform into ill repute that would mean he doesn’t get a brand new, 2 litre, V8, Holden Commodore?

Update: I have another question for the New Zealand Police Force: Given that Commissioners are entitled to a new car every 3 years under contract – why can’t it be a small 3 door, 1.6 litre Holden Astra? Why does a suspended Assistant Commissioner need such a powerful, gas guzzler? What are the environmental policies and priorities of the NZ Police Force?


2 Responses to “Any Employment Lawyers in the House?”

  1. Actually Clint Rickards might be able to tell you himself as he is alive and well at Law school!

    No shit, he just sits there on his own through Public, Torts, Contract and Criminal (HA! BAHAHAHA!) like he’s innocent or something.

    Although I feel kinda stink for his son – a Grammar boy – who’s also at Law school. The stigma would not be good for his traditional Grammar boy socialising.

  2. Are you fucking kidding me?!

    Oh my god that man is just … evil …

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