What? Noooooooooooo!

It’s been a crazy week: earthquakes, troop withdrawals and SIS retractions, but the thing that has got me the most upset?

Chocolate Fish Cafe is set to close!

Admittedly I had switched my allegiance to the Chocolate Frog after the LOTR tourists started arriving in their droves (damn you Liv Tyler – did you have to tell everyone our secret?!), but there’s nothing like cruising up on a summer day and grabbing one of the bay side tables, hoping like hell that you aren’t really burning in the sun (I had found a way to keep my parasol (ok, chinese feng shui umbrella) in one spot between the back of my chair and my shoulder blades allowing me to tuck into my salami panini/chicken pesto panini/caesar salad with ease).

Who will I buy ice cream from now after my swim in the sea? I promised someone ice cream at Scorching Bay for their help, now what am I going to do?

I’m not crying, that’s just sand in my eyes … I have to go lie down now.


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