One off the list

Well kind of … I’m in the process of actually doing something on my New Year’s resolution list: I’m learning to dance Kathak. I haven’t done it since I was 12 and boy was that long time ago … I can’t believe I held up my arms for an hour back then (ouchie). On the positive side, I can remember my basic eight count and five count spin, but that’s about all – with only two of us in class so far, there’s plenty of attention to get it right.

I’ve got three and a half months to get the rest of the list sorted … let’s see …

Learn Hindi – well, that’s not going to happen any time soon. Admittedly I couldn’t afford classes and I didn’t want to buy self teaching books when I’ve got a pile of neglected ones at home in NZ … speaking of which, I’ve been neglecting my Mandarin lessons too, must get back onto that.

Learn to Dance and Get Fit – check and check. I walk everywhere, my shoes are completely worn down … I need to buy new trainers … mmm … shoe shopping … bliss … there are these great pair of Docs that I saw with a pretty … oh never mind …

Finish draft 4 and draft 5 of dirty creatures – er *cough* … yes, draft 4 will be finished by the end of this month, and if fairness when I wrote that resolution in January, I didn’t realise that I need to throw out the first 60 pages of the script … draft 4 will be workshop ready methinks … we can forget about draft 5 for this year.

Write a new play – check, kind of, if we count Beginnings and Bury the Cat along with work beginning on the new venture.

Keep blog up to date – with 250+ posts, I think I’m doing ok there …


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