Online News Editors of New Zealand: You are hereby on notice

After my wee lament last week on the lack of coverage following the two explosions in Hyderabad, it is a relief to see the media attention being poured onto the two suicide bombs in Pakistan. It’s with fair reason too, Pakistan is particularly turbulent right now especially as Musharraf struggle to holds onto power (and seems to be doing whatever he can to stay in). Political stability in Pakistan is a huge deal especially when it is the frontline for the so-called “war on terror”, there is plenty of analysis to be done here – will Pakistan be able to hold free and fair elections? What would the outcome of those elections mean globally? What will a new regime mean for trade and manufacturing?

Of course if you’re in New Zealand you’re probably going to hear a lot about … let’s see APEC and the water cannons, more APEC, and the possibility of US troop cuts (which I admit, is quite big news too). What is it about our news coverage at home? Is it all about lack of interest from your audience? Can you really be that tied to advertising revenue? Or am I really proving the reason why you don’t need to cover those news stories – because I can find my news elsewhere. Well, then what about my news-junkie mother? Or is she just not hip and 18-35, big spender enough for you?

When I get home, we’re getting cable – whoever has Al Jazeera English and BBC World gets my money …


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