One for Bapuji

This is Bapuji’s favourite bhajan, the one he would sing every morning, emerging from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel fresh from his shower, down the corridor to the kitchen where our mandir area was next to the fridge (Mum, who had gotten up half an hour before him, showered, dressed and making chai, had prepared his diya and ghee – she rocks) … He’d also sing it while messing around on his harmonium in the living room, it was like a default setting for him (Bapuji even recorded himself singing it and it was his voice that accompanied him as his coffin was carried into and out of his service).

This is the proper version (compared to that hideous one you may have seen in Kutch Kutch Hota Hai – which is how I found this one in the first place). Apparently it was Gandhi’s favourite bhajan too and as Bapuji would proudly tell us whenever we went to Dandi beach, we too had an affliation with the Mahatma (aside from being a Guju) as Bapuji’s maternal grandfather was on the Salt March (and was arrested at some point for civil disobedience, though I’m not sure when) and his mother sold salt in defiance of the British

Anyway, for those of you who want to know here is a translation:

Lord Rama, Chief of the house of Raghu
Uplifters of those who have fallen, (O divine couple) Sita and Rama
Beloved, praise Sita and Rama
God or Allah is your name
Lord, bless everyone with wisdom


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