This is going to be interesting … [Updated]

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a tube strike.

As of 10 minutes ago and for three days forth, there will only be three lines in operation (Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly) as they are maintained by a rival company. Thankfully the weather is fine, so maybe people will be able to take to the streets by foot and not to their cars (if you are going to take your car I suggest you pack a book (ever wanted to read the complete works of Shakespeare? Now’s your chance), a sleeping bag and enough food and water for three days).

Both Paddington and Oxford Circus stations have been closed due to overcrowding (it’s exit only for them). We’ll have to see what happens next …

Update: I jumped the gun a little and declared the strike an hour early, tis no matter for right now at 5.37pm all of the lines except for the Jubilee and bits of the Piccadilly, have been suspended. I think it’s going to be a while until any one gets home tonight.

Update 2: Facebook just died (5.43pm) … I wonder if that happens to be related to the number of people now stuck at work and all trying to change their status updates at once to say “X is pissed off with the RMT”

Update 3: (5.53pm) The Northern line is going again as is Facebook … you must have got the news before me and took off home before the Northern line broke down again.

Update 4: Sorry couldn’t let this go, best quote of day from London Tonight on ITV News in reference to RMT General Secretary Bob Crow who was due to show up for an interview but couldn’t because “I’m sure by none of his fault, has been delayed”.

Update 5: Commuting flatmate Bonny just got home at 8pm. She finished work at 5.30pm. Apparently buses are passing by stops and not stopping (you need to jump on at the start of the line and even then you’re queueing with 80 others), bus drivers are yelling at people not to get on the bus …


4 Responses to “This is going to be interesting … [Updated]”

  1. In December ’05 there was a transit strike in NYC – no buses or subway. It was awesome because I got 4 day off from work! 🙂 But they started the strike at midnight, so everyone knew not to go to work. Middle of the day is a much bigger pain.

  2. I still haven’t ventured out beyond Mile End so I can’t say for certain, but people don’t appear to be staying away from work, just getting there later or allowing for chaos. Plus there are still buses, overland trains going as well as the DLR (who knew there would ever be the day when I’d praise the DLR).

    There also doesn’t seem to be the major traffic jams that happened during the London blackout in 2003 (a few weeks after NY, JP will remember both). I remember walking home that night from one end of London to the other, the power was out for around an hour, but the entire transport system was knocked out until the next morning … I was walking faster than any vehicle, this time the roads have been pretty clear.

  3. We are supposedly having a taxi strike tomorrow! Should be interesting…

  4. 48 hours in NY without cabs … will be very interesting. I’m hoping my bus journey tomorrow will be relatively painless considering I’m moving in the opposite direction to the traffic … we shall see …

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