I finally know when I’m coming home:


In time for the usual late summer and the Festival (by the way book to see Black Watch). It’s a bit sooner than I expected but I’m ready to be back in Wellington, plus my new venture requires me to be home early (all will be revealed in time).

I leave London in November, the UK shortly after and thence to Singapore for three months to chase after babies. I’m not done with the London or the UK for that matter, and leaving is all the more easier because I know that I’ll be back. I always come back (on average, every four years).

And who knows how long I’ll be home for? Although, that’s an uncertainty I’m a little more comfortable with.


One Response to “Definite”

  1. 🙂 🙂 add my name to the undoubtedly long list of people who would like to take you out for a drink when you get back.

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