The New Immigration Bill – Pt 1

As I mentioned a while back, the NZ Government is doing a complete overhaul of the Immigration Act 1987 in order to reflect the many changes that society has been through since … zzzzzzz … sorry … in order to show that we too, like our big brother nations (I know), are tough on security.

The Bill is over 400 pages long and as I have more than a few things on my plate at the moment, I’m going to spread out my musings over the next few weeks …

One of the first things you will notice if you’re at home, whenever the new Act comes into effect (and it’s only at the Bill stage now), is that you will soon be required to take in proof of your citizenship. Some workplaces may have this in already, some may not, either way, like the new UK laws, the onus is on the Employer to ensure that their work force is legal – so you had better go and find that expired passport of yours/birth certificate you used to use to get into the pub (for those who remember … and I mean yours, not your older cousin’s)/ citizenship papers – you’ll probably be asked for it at your next interview. Your Employer will make a copy and be required to keep it on file, for how long? Well it doesn’t say … start investing in electronic storage firms, they’re about to get a lot of business.

There will even be a roadshow travelling around the country to 20 destinations to get Employers up to speed with the new laws … Do you think they’ll have clowns and candyfloss? Hmm … probably not …


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