News that you will hear very little about [updated]

There have been two explosions in Hyderabad, India. There is not much detail around at the moment as it happened a few hours ago.

Chances are that as the hours pass, as details come to light, as we find out that this may have been done by Pakistani based militants, you still won’t hear a thing about it (unless you happen to follow the Indian or Al Jazeera’s news sites).

Update from Al Jazeera:

Intelligence agencies are investigating a possible link to Harkat-ul-Jehad-i-Islami, a Bangladesh-based Kashmiri separatist group, the Press Trust of India news agency reported.

The two attacks happened within minutes of each other at an amusement park and a restaurant on Saturday.

Five explosive devices detonated and at least 19 other bombs were found and defused, police said.

No one has claimed responsibility for the blasts but Sriprakash Jaiswal, India’s interior minister, said they were part of an effort to undermine the city’s mixed Hindu-Muslim community.

Maybe you’ll hear something about there being an explosion … maybe. It’s about four hours after it happened and the news still doesn’t appear on the front page of Google News (who have the covered the massive wildfire in Greece with the article from the Hindustan Times leading your search selection), The Guardian, Stuff, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph …


Remember the Mumbai train bombings last year? If you were living in New Zealand it might be somewhere there in your distant memory, there was a bulletin, possibly … but none of analysis, the John Campbell, Mark Sainsbury interviews stick, you can’t remember the live crosses to a reporter on site or the expert panel, you could have read a blog about it but the details are pretty sketchy – yeah? Don’t worry, you’re not being forgetful, none of those things ever happened, there was one blog – Tze Ming Mok’s Yellow Peril but that was pretty much the sum of it.


Well, it seems that these things happen so often in those areas, it probably isn’t news … unless we can find a New Zealand angle to it (read tourist caught up or more accurately a New Zealander who is not of South Asian extraction). After all it’s a volatile area, these things happen all the time, (damn brown people fighting over the remnants of Empire … oh …)

But if it were a western country …

Update 2, 24 hours after the blast:
The blasts have now made it to the top of the “World” subheading on the Stuff front page with video link to Reuters; The Guardian Unlimited front page still makes no mention of them, nor does the front page of The NZ Herald’s website, The Independent, The Telegraph, The New York Times, Fox News, BBC UK version or TVNZ News ; 3 News, does have a link on their front page as does The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post links to an update on the situation underneath a story teaser about the nuclear cooperation proposal between the US and India, BBC International has a link under their AV subheading.


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