I’ve been to a strip club too!

Well, that got your attention … but yes, it’s true, and not half as salacious as you’re thinking (people please, my mother reads this blog). The Mermaid is the only pub in Wellington associated with The Southern Trust, who are one of the few pub charities to cover fees and salaries (handy when you’re a show with no money), so in order to get the application form, I needed to get into the casino portion – thankfully The Mermaid has a separate entrance so I didn’t have to go into the bar area at all … no visuals for me, and for that I am truly grateful.

I just didn’t want to feel left out of the mix while every politician in NZ seems to be declaring that they have all visited strip clubs in their pasts … it must be an extraodinarily slow news week back home. Although now knowing that the Wellington Central police station was the site of a former strip joint makes me think of their subsidised bar in a whole new spotlight.


3 Responses to “I’ve been to a strip club too!”

  1. Quote:
    “I remember going to a pub in Shepherd’s Bush (London) and it was just an ordinary pub, but on a Sunday, ladies would just get up and take all their clothes off and dance around and get a free drink.”

    I think we could make a fairly accurate guess as to which bar that refers to…

  2. PS I do believe that I got some funding from that charity after you told me about it, so I would say that that means I’ve been in there too… but actually I think you grabbed me copies of their form, so thanks for that. And ha-ha, I haven’t been in a strip club.

    PPS I believe Steph should come respond to this post… oooh Steph…

  3. Incidentally, I was at a sports forum this week and I’m pretty sure the Grants Manager of NZCT said that all the gaming trusts are now required to have websites where people can download their forms, so thankfully no starving artist will ever have to unwillingly enter Mermaids again.
    This could explain why the politicians didn’t try ‘I was just getting a grant application form’ as an excuse.

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