One for my Mum

It’ll take a while to download, Mum, but you’ll really like it …

Trivia point: yes, that’s a real train, no, they didn’t use harnesses … and for all of my friends who, like me, can’t speak a word of Urdu then yes, subtitles.

An excellent version is on the Bombay Dreams soundtrack, it’s been my song of the week (I’ve been trashing it to death on my little headphones).


5 Responses to “One for my Mum”

  1. Um… how do I say this?

    Oh, yeah: THAT’S MY RING TONE!

    P.S. I just watched Inside Man on TV last night for like the 50th time. I love that Spike Lee used this song for the credits. When I saw it it (IM) in the theater I was bopping along in my seat.

  2. Ha!

    If we meet up, the universe may implode … in a very awesome way of course 🙂

  3. reminds me of a funkier version of the Great Crunchie Train Robbery…

  4. Robert Catto Says:

    Yeah, yeah, top of a train – been done. (Oh, that’s right, this is them doing it!)

    I thought it was going to be a fight scene, like in Dhoom! We were trying to remember, is this from DDLJ? I feel like we’ve seen it, but can’t work out where…

  5. It’s from Dil Se. I haven’t seen the film, but really keen to now.

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