Uh, really?

In a spectacular display of stupidity ‘we really haven’t learnt from history’, the Bush administration are planning to add the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to their list of terrorist organisations.

I’d like to take this moment for all of us collectively to bang our heads on our respective desks (or in my case, laptop) *bang*. Hmm … that wasn’t so satisfying, well let’s try this instead: take a deep breath and then yell WHAT THE FUCK?!

Clearly unsatisfied with the level of American military involvement in that part of the world, the Bush administration, frustrated by Iran’s, well, everything but more so their ambition to develop nuclear weapons (I think that’s the case, it depends who you’re reading at the time), are thinking of calling the sovereign military of a country not known for it’s cheery rhetoric, terrorists.

Er … gentlemen (and of Ms Rice) what exactly will this acheive? ‘Cos you know how going into Iraq was meant to beat Al Qaida weaken Al Qaida stop Saddam Hussein from using Weapons of Mass Destruction regime change bring democracy to the Middle East (unless Hamas win by popular vote), well, it’s kind of not working, and you’d think that maybe not threatening their neighbours might, I don’t know, go some way towards getting them to help you end the escalating civilian death toll horrible mess complications happening in Iraq? Really, do you think it’s wise to threaten possible partners in peace and then say, in the same breath, that you’re still going to pursue the diplomatic route first?

Also? You do know that military service is compulsory in Iran, yeah, it’s even used as a form of punishment? Your very own CIA world fact book lists it, so er, what happens to the young boys who are conscripted into the guard? Are they going to individually be branded as terrorists for the rest of their lives? Are you about to, in an act of frustration and ill thought diplomacy, make a whole generation of young men terrorists by a mere act of bureaucracy? I think you just helped the other team’s recruitment campaign …

Are you sure you know what you’re doing?



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