The silly season has started way too early …

First sign that an election year is on it’s way? Peter Dunne starts making noise.

Our man for Ohariu-Belmont (why voters, why?) is rebranding his party. Yes, United Future is no more. They are …


Wait for it.



Ta da! No really, that’s it. They got rid of the space between the words so instead of United Future, it’s UnitedFuture (try it out loud, it may be easier if you just slur it together, which is possibly how Peter Dunne keeps getting elected – lay off the bottle Ohariu-Belmont, please, do it for your country). I wonder how much the branding consultant who came up with that idea cost? Does anyone know what the going rate on removing a little grammatical break is?

According to their media release, their party membership is growing (really? Who are you people? The suicidally optimistic?). They’ve even got a shiny new mission statement:

UnitedFuture is a modern centre party, focused on New Zealand’s best interests. We promote strong families and vibrant communities. We seek a fair, and open society, free from poverty, ignorance and prejudice, and based on innovation, self-reliance, justice and integrity in business and personal dealings.

We promote a sustainable environment, and a competitive economy which encourages growth, prosperity, ownership and opportunity through market policies where possible, and government where necessary. We want all New Zealanders, whatever their background, race or creed, to have the chance to enjoy everything that is good in our country

Right … so you’re for everything and nothing? Well, at least they got to say it first …


One Response to “The silly season has started way too early …”

  1. Oh I can just imagine the meetings…hours and hours upon hours and hours of discussion regarding removing the space, and then some more meetings to discuss implimenting the changes, not to mention unlogged hours of checking in with the people who worked on it to see how the changes were coming along, and then and evening of drinks and nibbles to celebrate removing the space.


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