So as I was walking back from Canary Wharf tonight, I was followed home by the smell of floral perfume.

It started as I turned onto East India Dock Rd and wafted in and out of the breeze all the way to my apartment door. It was really strong, like someone burning incense next to me or wearing too much perfume but I was walking alone the whole time …


4 Responses to “Odd”

  1. Maybe if you are in a different (better? eh?) mood your pheromones are smelling different. Or I could have just made that up. 😉

  2. Tonight I found someone worth following home. The air around her was full of spaces and I circled into them. She knew I was there. I don’t know what I would have said even if she could have heard me. But perhaps just knowing I was there was enough.

  3. Yeah … cos if you’re right, then I smell fantastic, but that’s probably not the case … and I’d be attracting too many bees looking for nectar anyway …

  4. Well London is full of ghosts…even ghost perfume!

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