Daily Cerealisation: Dirty Creatures – Ep 11. (Shiny new version)

Guard B resumes shaving the Playwright while the other two guards hold him down.

Guard B: So, you write?
Pay well?
Ever thought about throwing it all in?
My boy here thinks he’s a bit of a poet.

Guard A: Mum!

Guard B: What did I say?

Guard A: Sorry ma’am.

Guard B: Go on, read him some of your stuff.

Guard A: No!

Guard B: He’s modest. I said, read it to him, or I’ll do it for you.

Guard A: I don’t, I don’t know any.

Guard B: What about that one you’ve got in your pocket?

Guard A: No.

Guard B: Waiting for a quiet moment to meet him?

Guard A: No I wasn’t.

Guard B: So you do have one on you? Give it here.
I said, give it here.

She reads the following to herself. It’s up to the production to decide how and whether this poem is ever revealed …
The poem reads: You showed me the horizon
You wanted me to see,
Your happy children dancing in the sunlight,
Without a care, Lasezze faise
In fraternity,
In liberty,
In property and prosperity

But I couldn’t see anything
Except sky
And earth
And rain
And you mad at me because I could not see
My own hand in front of my face
The truth in front of my eyes, that I was calling lies
You called me a dirty creature – unintelligent, wilfully negligent of
Your feelings
Your hopes
Your desires
And you would not believe me
When I said that all I could see
Was sky
And earth
And rain

Guard B: What is this?

Guard A: Nothing.

Guard B: What’s that?

Guard A: It’s nothing ma’am.

Guard B: Shall I show it to our friend here?

Leader’s Guard: Oh, I don’t (like poems) …

Guard A: No!

Guard B screws up the poem into a ball and drops it. She returns to shaving the Playwright.

Guard B: Go home.

Guard A: What?

Guard B: You’re dismissed, go home.

Guard A: I’m not (going home) …

Guard B: Stand down Sergeant. You’re no longer required today.

Guard A leaves. The set up continues in the room.


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