Daily Cerealisation: Dirty Creatures – Ep 10.

Guard A and the Leader’s Guard take the Playwright into the bathroom. Guard B opens the hotel room door, signals down the corridor and pulls in a laundry trolley. She takes the bag off the end and pulls out the shirt, the hoodie and new wiring. She lays them out on the table. She prepares a shaving kit next to the shirt. While she does this, a variety of technicians come in and start to wire up the room with light stands, reflectors, microphones etc, creating an interview area. The Playwright, Guard A and the Leader’s Guard re-enter the room. They dress the Playwright taking care to wire him up properly. Guard B sits in front of him and begins to shave him with a razor. The other Guards begin to wire him up, the Playwright struggles.

Guard B: Stay still 228, you wouldn’t want me to accidentally cut your throat now would you?

Playwright: I don’t care.

Guard B: Hey, you know what, that’s fine with me, I really don’t care. Of course, it does mean that I’m going to have to tell, er … what’s their names again?

Leader Guard: Mei and Lily.

Guard B: Yes, Mei and Lily … I just don’t quite know what words to use with such little ones. How do you tell them that their father would rather die that seeing them without creating too much trauma?
You do want to see them, don’t you?

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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