Daily Cerealisation: Dirty Creatures – Ep 9.


The lights snap up as the Playwright suddenly regains consciousness. He sits up with a start. He is in a plush hotel room. He looks around confused. He is now in a dressing gown, he feels around his stomach, it’s sore but there are no wires. He climbs out of bed and opens the bathroom door. Inside, two of the NZ guards are playing cards. They look up from their game, the Playwright slams the door shut again, he opens the curtains and one of the Leader’s guards is having a smoke. The guards re-enter the room.

Guard B: Good morning 228.

Guard A: Number 228 you will stand at the front of your Residence with your hands raised, (palms open) …

Guard B: No, you don’t need to do that here.

Guard A: I thought every opportunity is a good (opportunity) …

Guard B: It’s inappropriate here.

Guard A: Why.

Guard B: Because we’re no longer in a prison you moron.

Guard A: Mum! Not in front (of him).

Guard B: And don’t call me that when we’re working.

Guard A: Fine, sir.

Guard B: Watch it you. Go get him showered.

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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