Daily Cerealisation: Dirty Creature – Ep 8.

The Leader’s guards restrain the playwright as the prison guards begin to remove the books, pens, pencils – anything that is vaguely sharp and/or can be used as a missile.

Playwright: Get it off me! Get this fucking thing off me!

The Dictator and the Leader speak over the Playwright’s cries, for the most part ignoring him.

Leader: I think that was successful.

Dictator: I’m still not convinced that he needed to be briefed.

Leader: Oh, rubbish, look at him.

Playwright: You fucking monsters!

Leader: He’s got passion, he’s alive and he still has hope. Hope is important for us.

Playwright: I’ll fucking die before I become a martyr for you.

Leader: Yes, that’s the spirit. I’d like the family to be at the press conference.

Dictator: Yes, that should be fine, I can’t see any problem with that.

Leader: We’ll reunite them there.

Playwright: Let go of me!

Dictator: Are you sure that’s wise.

Leader: Oh yes, the dramatic moment, it will play so well. Especially in hindsight.

Playwright: I’m not helping you!

Leader: Good for you. We can’t afford to do it without him. We don’t want to look like our friends in the West.

Dictator: We are in the West.

Leader: The Pacific. You’re the nice guys of the Pacific remember? We need to keep that for as long as possible.

Dictator: I understand all of that, sir, but he …

Playwright: You fucking cunts! You won’t get away with this!

Dictator: … can’t be trusted in front of the press.

Leader: I know. I’m relying on it.

Dictator: Fine.

Leader: You don’t want to check with your Prime Minister?

Dictator: She trusts that I will make the best decision for the party.

Leader: Good. We need to coordinate this quickly. I have an excellent media director who can start working on this straight away.

Playwright: You’re not going to fucking make me do this, I’ll fucking kill you!

Dictator:They will need to work in conjunction with our senior advisor.

Leader: Of course, we need to make sure that the message is (consistent) … look do you mind, my lot have something that will calm him down.

Dictator: You managed to get them in with you?

Leader: Of course. You’ve got one on you haven’t you Mei?

Leader’s Guard (Mei): Yes sir.

The Dictator nods, the Leader nods at his Guard, the Guard produces a syringe and puts the needle into the Playwright. Slowly the playwright becomes limp. The lights begin to fade to black as he loses consciousness.

Leader: Where was I?

Dictator: Consistency. We can’t afford to have any contradictions.

Leader: You don’t want it to be too perfect either, you still need to bluster and stumble too. How about some one on one interviews? I can get you BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera English, Star News …

Dictator: We can give you John Campbell, Mark Sainsbury, we could probably even dust off Paul Holmes …

Leader: Never heard of them, are they useful?

Dictator: More for me than you.

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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