Daily Cerealisation: dirty creatures – Ep 7.

Leader: What do you mean what do I mean? If they stay here, your daughters are going to think that father is a terrorist. It isn’t going to help their self esteem or career prospects in the long term.

Playwright: I’m not a terrorist.

Leader: Well not now Nate, I mean later obviously, it’s better for a child to think a government is to blame for his death rather than … why are you looking at me … why is he looking at me like this is the first time he’s … this is the first time he’s heard this isn’t it … you didn’t brief him?

Dictator: Not quite sir, you arrived before I had the chance to tell him.

Leader: Do I have to do every(thing) … give me the notes. Here read this. No wait. You can’t read this bit, or this bit … probably not this bit … actually, maybe not this page, I’ll just paraphrase it for you … this page too. Oh yeah, definitely not this one, I’ll get into a lot of trouble (if you see this) …

Playwright: You can’t kill me.

Leader: We’re not killing you, you’re killing you.

Playwright: No I’m not.

Leader: You’re the one strapped with explosives, you figure out how that’s going to end.

Playwright: What?

Dictator: Ah, sir?

Leader: What? I’m just paraphrasing.

Dictator: Yes sir, but as I mentioned before I hadn’t briefed (him yet).

Leader: Briefed him yet. Yes, shit.

Playwright: I’m not blowing myself up.

Leader: Yes you are.

Playwright: No I’m not and you can’t make me.

Leader: We can, you will.

Playwright: Why?

Leader: What do you mean why … You see, this is why you should have briefed him.

Dictator: You don’t need to know why 228.

Playwright: Fuck off Mark. I’m not giving up my life for any of you.

Leader: Yes, I thought you might say that, so we came prepared. Do you want to do this, or shall I?

Dictator:Your willingness to participate is irrelevant …

Leader: You are already wired up ready to go.
I could already tell you were going to take too long.

The playwright tries to lift his hoodie but it is partly wired up to his shirt.

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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