Daily Cerealisation – Dirty Creatures – Ep 5.

Leader: Are you sure he’s right for this?

Dictator: Oh absolutely. He’s perfect, I chose him myself.

Leader: Handpicked? An old friend is he?
And how is that working out for you? Amazing how often that happens … What did he do, make fun of you?

Dictator: Nothing.

Leader: Ok.

Dictator: He fits the image, that’s all.

Leader: Well, it’s not exactly novel but I’m sure you’ll make it work. And how are you 3(28)? …

Dictator: 2(28) …

Playwright: Nate.

Leader: Nate. How are you Nate are you keeping well? You’re a writer, yes?

Playwright: Er … I …

Leader: Well are you or aren’t you?

Playwright: Er yes … yes I am.

Leader: Not novel, but good. I am, somewhat thankful, to your Prime Minister … and her, Deputy, here for allowing us to get to know each other better.

Playwright: He has my family.

Leader: I’m sorry?

Playwright: He has (my family) …

Dictator: What 2(28)

Playwright and Leader: Nate

Dictator: What 228 is trying to say is that his family are in my care.

Leader: Really? That’s nice.

Dictator: Possibly.

Leader: Lets keep it that way.

Playwright: He can’t keep my family, they haven’t done anything, I haven’t done anything!

Leader: Yes, good. This family, have you got any plans for them?

Dictator: Not immediately, we were keeping them in reserve in case things didn’t work out.

Leader: Do you think we could use them?

Dictator: If things don’t wo(rk out) …

Leader: It will work out and it will play better if we get them involved too. Think of it as actions of one man affecting a community, the wife who never knew, cute little moppets on camera.

Playwright: I haven’t done anything.

Dictator: It could work …

Leader: We can use hearts and minds. Politics is politics but families, families keep you in editorial. These sorts of things have worked before.

Dictator: It’s not going to work if they’re against message.

Leader: No Deputy, I’ll take them with me. We’ll play both sides of it – I’ve given refuge to the family, they have fled …

Dictator: Abandoned their father and New Zealand for their homeland.

Leader: Really?

Dictator: Yes.

Leader: Former refugees?

Dictator: No.

Leader: Good, see? It works, it all works. It humanises him, makes him more than your average terrorist.

Playwright: What?

Leader: Political prisoner. It’s a deal?

Dictator: Of course.

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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