Daily Ceralisation: Dirty Creatures – Ep. 3

Playwright: What’s happening?

Guard B: When I said silent, that also included not talking.

Three short sharp beats are heard down the corridor. The Dictator enters flanked by Guard C and A. He inspects the guards’ handy-work; he notices the books on a makeshift bedside table.

Dictator: Excellent work.

Guards A & B: Thank you Sir.

The Dictator nods to the guards.

Dictator: We’re ready.

Guard A: Sir, yes Sir.

Guard A leaves. Guard C begins to arrange seats outside of the cell. The Dictator sits in his chair and studies the Playwright.

Playwright: What do you want? What’s going on?

Dictator: Relax 2(28) …

Playwright: Nate.

Dictator: … 228. We’re not having one of our discussions today.

Playwright: I’m innocent.

Dictator: I said we’re not doing that today.

Playwright: I haven’t been charged with anything, you can’t hold me here.

Dictator: Are you done yet?

Playwright: Where are my family?

Dictator: So we’ve had innocent, charges, family … there’s one more. Well go on say it. You just can’t leave me hanging here.

Playwright: I want to see a lawyer.

Dictator: Thank you. Right, now we can continue. Your moment has arrived 2(28) …

Playwright: Nate.

Dictator: 228. You are about to become great.

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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