New Daily Cerealisation

So as mentioned yesterday, I was going to enter the Verity Bargate Award until I realised that under the rules I not really a new writer. It’s a bit of a bummer, but not such a bad thing. After all it did get me off my lazy writing arse and forced me to pick up dirty creatures again. And frankly the play that I would’ve handed in would have been below standard.

I need something else to keep me focussed to finish this play, so I’ve decided to start serialising it here.

Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimers aplenty: This is purely going to be a cut and paste job from the script I’m working on now, I won’t modify it for the web as, at this point of time, the theatre script itself is more important. It will read like a theatre play, because it is … sorry.

The web version is a snapshot of draft 4 and hopefully serialising the play may give me another perspective of the script as I continue to change it. I’m also very interested in your feedback, if you have any, as I go along … And if anyone has any questions at the end, no matter how trivial, please throw them at me.

So much for a summer hiatus … I blame the rain …


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