In the bunker

Yes, I’m not posting as much as I usually do.

Daily Cereal? That one has come to an end (open ended cop out, but I figure that’s how it should be, it tends to happen when you’re reliant on technology to maintain relationships and when you decide to no longer use it – well that’s my defense anyway).

What am I doing? Well I’ve left the Evil Empire (hooray!), I’ve given notice on my flat (hooray!) and I’m trying to finish the fourth draft of dirty creatures in the next couple of weeks (er … hooray?). The last bit means that I’m restricting my online time to a few hours only, generally it means being offline from noon until evening so that I can get my writing done.

I will try and post a few thing here and there but Daily Cereal is on summer hiatus until I get the next two plays written, may start the third as a serial though, you’ll know when it happens. Unfortunately this means the Masala will be more of the “what I did on my holidays” variety. Apologies to all you teachers out there …

The bunker is very busy … we wear short sleeves and eat ice cream (no air con you see).


One Response to “In the bunker”

  1. Good to hear that you’re revisting creatures. I’m re-writing fallow at the moment – so far, so good! Hope your writing is going well. I’ll have a couple of drinks for you – WB are celebrating Matariki at mine this weekend.
    Happy summer solstice!!

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